Posted on July 13 2013

How to use boingo for almost for free.

I am sure that many of you have noticed that at many airports, the only WIFI service is provided by BOINGO. They try to seem legit, but any person with even a little knowlege about the internet can smell a rat.

On a recent trip, my girlfriend and I got stranded at an international airport overnight. We had to get some work done online and the only solution was to sign up for Boingo. Supposedly, you log on and the first 30 minutes is for free. Suspiciously they still request you enter your credit card info. Done.

After using the net for about 20 minutes and then signing out, we though we were safe. But no, we get a text message from the bank the next day, that we were charged. So we got online again to see what was up and it turns out the whole thing is a huge scam and you have to WRITE THEM AN EMAIL to cancel the subsription otherwise they charge you every month for life.

SO we called the bank and cancelled the card (got stolen). But interestingly enough the Boingo wifi still worked, and on multiple devices as well. So we went to town and hooked up all the ipads and mobile devices and let other people surf the net as well.

It seems that this may be a glitch due to their billing cycles. Who knows.

So all in all we payed for 1 boingo session of about 6 Euros and at the bank, getting a new card costs 4 USD.

Still expensive for 24 hours of net (used on multiple devices), but way less, than boingo would have charged.

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